Feb. 28th, 2012

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Угадайте без гугла, о каком человеке идет речь. Текст взят с американского образовательного сайта для христианских родителей-хоумскулеров:

By the 18th century the religious wars sprung from the Reformation had calmed, and change of every type flourished - so much so that this century is known as “the century of revolutions,” as political revolutions took place in many parts of the world, and as revolutions in science, technology, medicine, farming, industry, transportation, the arts, and literature flourished. In the 19th century, countries continued to search for their own national identities and to control their own national destinies, through fierce struggles for independence, and wars which enveloped all of Europe. The only colonies still under the yoke of European control, it seemed, were those of the British Empire, upon whom the sun never set. Meanwhile, a young man raised on a hatred of Christianity would [...] write a scientific work, even though he was not trained as a scientist, which offended science, but which, through propaganda and the help of the clergy, gradually became the standard by which all science was judged. [...].

Europe still convulsed with war, as it has done unceasingly, it seems, since the old Roman Empire: as Germany fought against Europe; the Russian Revolution traded the oppression of the czars for the oppression of the state; and the greatest war yet, World War II, taught us the results of [that man] philosophy lived out.[...]

World War II birthed technology without which we would not have defeated the Nazis. Since then, we have been to the Moon and are trying for Mars, we have cloned sheep and grow babies in test tubes, and our computer technology is the envy of the world. We have flaunted our modern philosophy, taught to us at [that man's] knee, in the face of all the wisdom that has gone before us, even in the face of God. But what will be the result of technology without morality to guide it? I shudder to think.

В общем-то ничего сложного нет, но каменты я пока поскриню


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